As a mom, finding a balance between work and family life can be challenging. Here are some tips to help you achieve a better work-life balance: Remember, finding a balance between work and family life is an ongoing process, and it may take some trial and error to figure out what works best for you. […]

Finding Balance As A Working Mom

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. It is a therapeutic approach that was originally developed to help individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). EMDR is now used for various conditions and has been found effective in treating a range of psychological issues. The key components of EMDR include: EMDR typically involves the following […]

What To Expect in EMDR Treatment

Horrific intrusive thoughts are common in OCD. These thoughts can be distressing and unwanted, causing anxiety. These thoughts can vary widely from person to person, and they often involve distressing and unwanted content. It’s important to note that experiencing these thoughts doesn’t mean a person wants them or would act on them. The notable sign […]

When OCD Gets Scary- Unwanted Intrusive Thoughts

Infertility can significantly impact the experience of motherhood, bringing emotional and psychological challenges. It may involve prolonged struggles to conceive, feelings of loss, and the need for medical interventions like fertility treatments. The journey can be both physically and mentally demanding for individuals or couples trying to become parents. The transition into motherhood is difficult […]

Motherhood After Infertility 

Being a child or adolescent today can be incredibly challenging.  Children and adolescents deal with the pressure to perform well in school and extracurricular activities, be accepted by their peers, and adhere to family expectations.  While trying to find their place in the world, they receive contradictory information about how to look, act, and interact.  Although […]

Helping your child manage anxiety and stress

Tune in as we discuss all things fertility, prenatal, and postpartum wellness. Family planning anxiety, pregnancy difficulties, IUI, IVF, postpartum depression, conception, ovulation, endometriosis, amenorrhea, sex— all words not commonly discussed at the dining room table but let’s take a minute to make room for these very important topics. Those struggling with infertility may experience […]

A Discussion on Fertility

Exposure therapy is helpful to treat a wide-range of anxiety and OCD-related disorders.  The purpose of exposure therapy is to change behavior.  When using exposure therapy, you challenge yourself to do things differently to eventually create less suffering. To learn to do things differently, you must first be tempted to do what you normally would.  […]

What is exposure therapy and how does it work?