You’ve been planning for the baby’s arrival, but have you been planning for yourself? The experience of postpartum depression, anxiety, or OCD can be incredibly challenging. What if you could prioritize your own needs to help prepare you for postpartum? In this episode, licensed acupuncturist Christina Nguyen and licensed psychologist Dr. Jamie Lesser dive into […]

A Discussion on Postpartum

Being a child or adolescent today can be incredibly challenging.  Children and adolescents deal with the pressure to perform well in school and extracurricular activities, be accepted by their peers, and adhere to family expectations.  While trying to find their place in the world, they receive contradictory information about how to look, act, and interact.  Although […]

Helping your child manage anxiety and stress

Tune in as we discuss all things fertility, prenatal, and postpartum wellness. Family planning anxiety, pregnancy difficulties, IUI, IVF, postpartum depression, conception, ovulation, endometriosis, amenorrhea, sex— all words not commonly discussed at the dining room table but let’s take a minute to make room for these very important topics. Those struggling with infertility may experience […]

A Discussion on Fertility

Many of us think of anxiety and depression as separate disorders characterized by different symptoms.  Anxiety is usually described as the experience of being stressed, scared, or worried.  We also often hear about the physical experiences of anxiety, including difficulty breathing, a racing heart, shakiness, or stomach upset.  Depression is typically experienced as sadness, hopelessness, […]

How anxiety can lead to depression

Exposure therapy is helpful to treat a wide-range of anxiety and OCD-related disorders.  The purpose of exposure therapy is to change behavior.  When using exposure therapy, you challenge yourself to do things differently to eventually create less suffering. To learn to do things differently, you must first be tempted to do what you normally would.  […]

What is exposure therapy and how does it work?

Relationships are complex.  They can be challenging, triggering, and painful.  They can also be positive, fulfilling, and healing.  Attachment theory places importance on the relationship between a baby and their mother.  The way the baby attaches to their mother can predict how they respond to their environment in adulthood.  We are social beings that rely […]

Managing Difficult Relationships: A Gas Pedal Approach