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Psychological services for children and adolescents encompass a range of interventions and support aimed at addressing mental health, emotional, behavioral, and developmental concerns during the formative years. Our clinicians who specialize in working with children and adolescents may provide a variety of services, listed below.

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Assessment and Diagnosis:

Therapeutic Interventions:

Diagnosing and identifying mental health disorders, learning disabilities, or developmental disorders.

  • Individual Therapy: One-on-one counseling sessions tailored to address a child's specific concerns, such as anxiety, depression, trauma, or behavioral issues.
  • Play Therapy: Using play as a medium to help children express themselves and communicate their feelings, especially beneficial for younger children.
  • Family Therapy: Involving the entire family in the therapeutic process to address family dynamics and improve communication.

Behavioral Interventions:

Behavior Modification: Implementing strategies to reinforce positive behaviors and reduce challenging behaviors.

Crisis Intervention:

Providing support during times of crisis, such as after traumatic events or when a child is at risk of self-harm or harm to others.

School Consultation:

  • Collaborating with educators and school staff to address academic and behavioral challenges in the school setting.
  • Participating in the development and review of Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) for students with special needs.

Parental Guidance and Support:

Providing parents with guidance on managing their child's behavior, understanding developmental stages, and fostering positive parent-child relationships.


By addressing mental health needs early and providing appropriate support, we can help children build resilience and develop the skills necessary for a healthy and fulfilling life.

Anxiety Disorders:

Psychological services for children and adolescents aim to support their emotional well-being, promote healthy development, and address challenges that may impact their overall functioning. 

Self-Harm and Suicidal Thoughts:

Some adolescents may engage in self-harming behaviors, and suicidal thoughts or attempts can be serious mental health issues that require immediate attention.

Substance Abuse:

Experimentation with drugs and alcohol can escalate into substance abuse problems during adolescence.

Hormonal and Neurobiological Changes:

Hormonal changes during puberty can influence mood and behavior. The development of the brain's prefrontal cortex, responsible for decision-making and impulse control, continues during adolescence.

Peer Influence and Social Dynamics:

Adolescents often experience heightened sensitivity to peer relationships and social acceptance. Bullying, peer pressure, and social conflicts can impact mental health.

Academic Stress:

Increased academic demands and the pressure to perform well in school can contribute to stress, anxiety, and other mental health challenges.

Identity Formation:

Adolescents are exploring their identity, including aspects like gender, sexuality, and individual values. This process can contribute to feelings of confusion and self-discovery.

Excessive worry, fear, or nervousness that can interfere with daily activities and relationships.

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): 

Difficulty with attention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity that may impact school performance and social interactions.


Persistent sadness, changes in appetite or sleep patterns, and loss of interest in activities.

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD):

Developmental disorders characterized by challenges in social interaction, communication, and repetitive behaviors.

Behavioral Disorders:

Conduct disorders, oppositional defiant disorder, and other disruptive behaviors that may impact family and school life.

Open Communication:

Encourage children to express their thoughts and feelings. Create a safe space for them to talk about their concerns.

Parental Relationships:

Strained relationships with parents or caregivers can impact mental health. Effective communication and support from family members are crucial during this time.

Access to Technology:

The use of technology and social media can influence adolescents' self-esteem, body image, and social interactions, potentially contributing to mental health concerns.

Common Mental Health Concerns in Children and Adolescents:

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